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Conceal Carry authorized importer for SmartCarry gun holsters. This quality product will ensure that your weapon will be protected, concealed and easily accessible. It is 100% made in the USA and Conceal Carry are the only Authorised Reseller located in South Africa.

As required by law, we conceal our weapons. This requires that we compromise our choice in clothes, often to the detriment of our comfort. Smartcarry® provides a means of concealing a firearm comfortably. Men need no more than any pair of shorts or trousers, woman no more than a skirt or a pair of pants to comfortably conceal a firearm.

Conceal Carry, fine quality gun holster importer, brings SmartCarry® gun holsters to South Africa. SmartCarry® is one of the best, highest quality concealed carry holsters available today.

Conceal Carry is based in Gauteng, SA. Conceal Carry is the only Authorised Reseller of the SmartCarry® Holster in South Africa. All our products are imported directly from the USA and are manufactured by the most reputable American ccw gun holster specialists, SmartCarry.

SmartCarry® Holsters provide:

  • Comfort
  • A Clothing Independent Platform
  • An Invisible Carry Option
  • A Snag-Free Draw
  • Durability: 3 to 5 years or more
  • A Sweat-Proof Rear Panel
  • Custom LH/RH Models
  • Custom Laser Tactical Light Widths

We honour SmartCarry’s 60 day money back guarantee, allowing you to purchase without any concern regarding your investment.

Please refer to our references page to review letters from local and international users and how the SmartCarry Holster has improved their every day carry.

Also of interest, at least to most shooters I know, is our ballistics page, this provides the ballistics for most common handgun ammunition available in the country. Ammo selection is critical and personal.

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