Why conceal firearms?

Why conceal firearms to even a discerning eye, surprise. In a conflict situation the intended victims greatest asset is the element of surprise, attackers almost always asses and choose victims perceived as easy targets, if the target is armed and the attacker unaware of this fact, the victim is in a far better position than had the attacker been aware that the intended victim is armed.

Furthermore it is important to have your firearm close at hand, ALWAYS. Whether lounging about the house in a pair of shorts or at the office with a shirt and trousers, SmartCarry provide the means to have your firearm holstered and available. The holster seats your firearm comfortably, providing the best position for carrying a firearm concealed.

In today’s troubled age, the only people that the public are happy to see carrying weapons are law enforcement officers (and even that’s a little scary for the SA public.) 

Unfortunately in South Africa, our country has seen its fair share of violent crime and this has forced people to carry weapons in order to protect themselves and their families. Crime and criminal activity is not unusual in this country, and some people have adapted to this by learning how to defend themselves with guns and other weapons.

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