Big Foot Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core


Belt Sizing

As belts have a steel core, you’ll not be able to add holes. It is important to order the correct size belt.

BigFoot Gun Belts provide holes that allow for a 4″ variance, thus allowing the same belt to be used without EDC and with a fully loaded out EDC (A firearm and two mags will typically add up to 4″ to the waist line). Bear in mind that if carrying IWB your trouser size likely already caters to the extra size needed for the pistol.


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Big Foot Steel Core Gun Belts

Every good gun belt begins with premium raw materials. Naturally, selecting the right leather is crucial. That’s why we use English Bridle leather, the highest quality drum-dyed cowhide available. An English bridle leather gun belt offers a rugged strength, capable of carrying full sized handguns without any belt sag. You’ll notice that our leather is soft, yet super strong, and as it ages it will acquire the wonderful patina that you find with fine leathers. The performance of a standard belt is just not good enough, which is why we make each gun belt with a double layering of leather. Two straps, combined with a flexible steel core, will provide you with more support than you’ll know what to do with – guaranteed. To ensure quality and durability of construction, we stitch each leather gun belt using a military-grade thread known as Tex 270. This’ll be sure to keep your premium layers together over time.


We believe a good gun belt also requires attention to the details. Each belt is hand burnished, beveled, and painted. Sure, this takes longer, but we believe it’s worth the effort. This process protects the edges and gives them an even look. To complete each gun belt, our craftsmen attach a premium roller buckle and directional snaps to match. We make sure to use a roller buckle to prevent the gun belt from being scratched or scuffed by “rolling” it through the buckle.

Big Foot Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

This is the strongest belt within our Untamed Series. These legendary gun belts all come in the standard 1.5 inch width; the 18 oz. steel core gun belt option is approximately .281” thick. If you want something that can carry your full sized sidearm without any sag whatsoever, this is your belt. Every belt within the Untamed Series is made with beautiful English Bridle leather, a top-notch leather that will provide the everyday carrier with decades of support. This double-layered belt is made of drum-dyed leather, available in black or rich brown, and is cut to the exact specifications of each customer. To provide superior strength to this Bigfoot gun belt, a handful of skilled belt makers have sewn a strip of stainless spring-steel between the two layers of drum-dyed leather to form the steel core. Few belt companies use steel cores – most opt for cheaper plastics that are not as flexible and tend to crack. By embedding this layer of flexible metal, this Bigfoot Gun Belt will be able to support the weight of a full-sized firearm while perfectly conforming to your waist. You’ll never have to worry about a sagging belt again. Our craftsmen stitch the leather together with a heavy-duty polyester thread (Tex 270). This stuff is tough. Once the belt is beveled, cut to size and sewn, the edges and ends are then painted by a steady hand. The genuine leather is then burnished to remove even the smallest of imperfections. The belt’s hardware should be just as strong as the rest of the material. That’s why we’ve chosen to use two corrosion-resistant directional snaps to secure the steel roller buckle, available in flat black or standard steel. The belt’s snaps allow carriers to easily switch out their buckle and will not loosen over time. By using a roller buckle on this belt, the fine leather will effortlessly “roll” through your buckle without getting scuffed up over time. Once your belt has been assembled, our iconic Bigfoot logo will be pressed into the inside of your leather gun belt.

Gun Belt Sizing Guide

What’s Your Belt Size Number? How To Size Your Gun Belt Before purchasing your Bigfoot Gun Belt, you’ll want to determine what belt size to order. There are several methods and factors involved in sizing your gun belt that are covered in the points below. The number you provide to us will be the distance between the start of the Bigfoot Gun Belt leather to the middle hole provided with a standard six inch tail. If you prefer a shorter or longer tail, add or subtract from your number accordingly. Let’s get started! Method 1 (the most accurate method): Grab a belt you have now and measure it from the beginning of the leather inside the buckle to the hole you most often use. This number is what you’ll need to provide to us in your order. Here’s a graphic that’ll help you out if needed: *Note: If you plan to wear an IWB holster with your Bigfoot Gun Belt, you’ll need to factor this into the number you provide to us. To accommodate your IWB holster into the belt size, wear your IWB holster with your belt. Take note of what hole you’ve used. Using the same method, measure from the end of your belt’s leather to the hole that you’ve used to fasten your belt. This is the number that you’ll want to provide to us. Method 2: If you don’t have a belt, you’ll need to use a cloth tape measure to get your number. If you don’t have a cloth tape measure, use a string and a regular tape measure instead. Thread the cloth tape measure (or string) through your belt loops like you would an actual belt. Note the measurement once you’ve pulled the measuring tape (or string) together. This is your number. Don’t forget to add an inch to your number for every IWB product you plan to wear with your Bigfoot Gun Belt! Method 3 (The rough number): We don’t recommend this method, but it is an option if you want to get a rough number in a hurry. Our belt size is roughly four inches more than your pant size (give or take an inch). So if you’re a size 34 pants, you’ll want to add four and order a size 38 belt.