ShapeShift Pocket Expansion


ShapeShift Shoulder Holster Universal Fit—Adjusts to virtually any body style in a few simple steps Customizable Design—Optimize your retention and draw angle in seconds Breathable Comfort—Stay cool and comfortable with breathable CoolVent™ Neoprene.



Expansion Kits do not include the Shift Shell (injection moulded firearm shell).


Full trigger guard coverage Easy to grab and go Our slimmest holster to date It’s not always comfortable to wear an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster. That’s why we’re now offering you a new convenient way to carry concealed with the all-new ShapeShift Pocket Carry Expansion Pack. The minimalistic style we made this holster with means it’s slim enough to wear comfortably. The pocket hook disguises the look of your firearm in your pocket and keeps the holster from separating from your pocket when you draw. It’s easier than ever to holster your weapon on the go—simply slide your handgun into the holster, then you’re ready to slip it into your pocket and head out. You can adjust this patent-pending holster to suit your draw. The passive retention is adjusted completely tool-free with the twist locks on your ShapeShift shell. Traction is provided by the thumb press, allowing you to push off with your thumb while you draw to release your firearm from the holster, making for a smooth, easy draw—every time.

Other holsters for pocket carry are made with a trigger guard that has soft or only partial coverage, increasing your risk for a negligent discharge. Our pocket holster is safer because the trigger is covered on both sides with super-strength polymer to keep pressure from being applied. To purchase this American-made expansion pack, use the dropdown list below to see if your handgun is compatible. After selecting your weapon and preferred handedness, you’re ready to proceed to checkout! At Alien Gear Holsters, we strive for perfection. That’s why we craft our holsters and accessories with only the highest-quality materials, and put them through a extensive 19-point Torture Test. The ShapeShift Pocket Carry Expansion Pack comes with a 30-day Test Drive. If you don’t love it, you can return it—completely hassle free. And if anything breaks on your holster, you can rest easy knowing it’s covered by our Forever Warranty. Be protected and comfortable in every situation. Add Pocket Carry to your ShapeShift collection today!


SAFETY NOTE: Do not re-holster your handgun with your holster still in your pocket.



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