The Slimline Holster provides a single full size frontal compartment to holster your weapon. This is smallest and lightest offering available and also offers a taller backing providing a superbly comfortable holster. This product offers the benefit of holstering a weapon either right or left handed.

  • Available in Black, White & Denim
  • Custom Waist Size
  • Custom Holster Size
  • Designed to provide a comfortable holster 
  • A Clothing Independent Platform
  • An Invisible Carry Option
  • A Snag-Free Draw
  • Durability: 3 to 5 years or more
  • A Sweat-Proof Rear Panel
  • Laser Tactical Light Widths

Buy Now: R1,400.00

Slimline Holster: 100% American Made

SmartCarry® Slimline (Our lightest most comfortable holster) 

When choosing a concealed carry holster, you want quality, comfort and practical concealment. With SmartCarry®, your weapon rides with and in front of your body, pointed down–not back. SmartCarry is so comfortable you can forget you are armed until you need your weapon. It won’t sag your clothing. Be armed; be ready for any emergency, standing, sitting or driving; wear any type clothing, in any activity or circumstance Guaranteed 60 day try-out or your money back. For 25 years SmartCarry® has  providing the #1, made in the USA deep concealed carry holster.

Made of durable denim material, the holsters we make provide a quick, snag-free draw without the burdens of discomfort or imprinting. SmartCarry holsters are regarded as the top of the line with many features you just won’t get with cheap, imported junk. Stretch the elastic band, you can’t shine a flashlight through it. Overlap the Velcro by 2 or 3 inches, you can’t pull it apart. Jerk it, maybe, but probably not. SmartCarry holsters are sweat-proof on the back so your expensive weapon won’t rust. Guaranteed for one year most SmartCarry holsters last 3 to 5 years with lasting up to 8 years.