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Woman's holsters, handbags & EDC clothing

Tactica Defense Fashion produces high-quality woman’s holsters, EDC Handbags & clothing that allow all women to comfortably concealed carry however we want, whenever we want—from the gym to the gun range. As women, we’re often forced to choose between the desire to carry concealed and looking good—wearing clothing two sizes too big to effectively conceal a firearm, or leaving the house looking cute, but unprotected and unprepared. Tactica is utilizing the twenty years of fashion industry experience and eight years of gun holster success to produce clothing that is as fashionable as it is functional—quality, stylish clothing that keeps your firearm safe and easily accessible. Products designed with women in mind, we’re providing easy, convenient, and comfortable ways to defend ourselves in any situation.We believe that you should be able to walk down the street and feel safe knowing you have the power to protect yourself, no matter what comes your way. Our mission is to arm every woman with the power to protect. To arm you with the resources you need to make informed decisions about your safety—from helpful tips and videos to a variety of self-defense products that are easy to carry at all times, with almost any outfit. Women deserve pockets. That’s why we’ve introduced comfortable and fashionable pants, tops, jackets, purses, and more—all that accommodate concealed carry. We’re also helping women defend themselves in other ways by offering self-defense products to suit any lifestyle—pepper spray, personal alarms, defensive keychains, and other resources that will help you stay safe.

woman's EDC leggings
Concealed Carry Leggings


There’s a serious lack of comfortable, practical carry methods for women on the market—and the offerings that are convenient and compatible with women’s clothing are often unsafe to wear. Our woman’s holsters & carry accessories are all designed with advanced safety features, including a fully wrapped trigger guard.EDUCATIONWhether you’re new or well-trained in self-defense, our goal is to provide a variety of helpful tools and resources to women of all skill levels. This includes how-to videos, insightful blogs, and in-depth self-defense guides.

woman's EDC handbags and clothes
Fashionable Conceal Carry Clothing & Handbags


We believe it’s important that all women wear what they want, when they want, while remaining confident and safe. Between fake pockets and crop tops, the fashion industry hasn’t left much room for concealed carry. And that’s why we offer stylish concealed carry clothing.DEFENSEWe understand that not all women are ready to jump straight into concealing a handgun. We offer all women ways to defend what matters, so we provide various methods of self-defense to suit your lifestyle.

EDC dress - The Protectress
Concealed Carry Dress


We want to provide every fashion-conscious woman the tools and resources she needs to defend herself and her loved ones. From college students to grandmothers, we believe everyone has the right to feel confident and well-prepared.

Woman's Holsters and EDC Belts
Woman’s holsters and EDC belts


When Sandi Little joined the Tactica team as company president, the wife and mother of three was new to the firearm industry. With over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry, Sandi teamed up with Alien Gear Holsters, the leader in the concealed carry holster field, to discover effective ways to bridge the gap between the gun industry and the world of fashion. As she develops stylish, practical designs for Tactica, Sandi fully embraces the Second Amendment culture and gains more confidence in carrying every day. Her goal is to carry to protect herself and her loved ones, without sacrificing her lifestyle and fashion sense. Her journey is a two-way street. Learn and grow with Sandi and share your experiences with us along the way. Join Sandi as she navigates the world of concealed carry.

Sandi Little