Crafted for your firearm

Alien Gear & SmartCarry provide a crafted holster to fit your gun and made to the highest quality standards making these two of the best concealed carry holsters in the USA. Holsters are designed with comfort, retention, safety and draw as priorities, making them the most comfortable & concealed holster options available to you.

Snag Free Draw

Both Alien Gear & SmartCarry gun holsters provide you with an unparalleled, snag-free draw. It is imperative that your firearm is released from it's holster unhindered when seconds count. Holsters are patented to protect the design.

Comfort: Freedom Of Movement

Looking for a comfortable holster for concealing your gun? Conceal Carry brings SmartCarry & Alien Gear gun holsters to South Africa. The SmartCarry holster design allows the firearm to move freely with your body. Drive, jog or ride your bike in comfort while carrying your firearm, concealed. Alien Gear have CoolVent Neoprene, using sweat-wicking technology, this perforated neoprene will keep you cool and dry. This breathable material places a soft, breathable layer between you and your firearm. Combine this with enhanced flexibility & the single mounting point provides the all-new IWB holster base with a wider range of flex making it the most comfortable holster of its kind available.

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