America’s #1 Concealed Holster: SmartCarry® Deep Concealment Holsters

  • Comfortable Holster
  • Clothing Independent
  • Invisible Carry Option
  • Snag-Free Draw
  • Durable: 3 to 5 years 
  • Sweat-Proof Rear Panel
  • 100% American Made
  • Available in Black, Blue & White
  • LH/RH Models
  • Laser Tactical Light Widths

SmartCarry® Deep Concealment Holsters

About Concealed Protection 3, Inc. (Our Supplier)

Back in the early 1990’s, our founder Charles Parrott wanted a comfortable holster that wouldn’t snag while making a quick draw. After disappointing tries with numerous holsters, he literally took matters into his own hands. Using skills learned on his Grandmother’s peddle sewing machine, he developed the Thunder belt. Needless to say—to both Charlie and others—the holster was a hit! It was snag-free, comfortable and didn’t require any special clothing

Response was so positive that Charlie decided to enter the concealed carry holster market. One US utility patent later, Thunder belt was born and was a big hit. Twenty years later, we’re still here. With our experienced seamstresses, two full-time employees, we are an all American family business. Charlie is still running the show.

Only two things have changed. While we liked the name Thunder belt, Charlie felt that the SmartCarry name made more sense. Why? Well, that brings us to the second change— SmartCarry is waterproof on the back. Your expensive weapon won’t rust. A concealed carry holster should be accessible, easy to wear, simple to use and above all else—comfortable.

Welcome to SmartCarry® Deep Concealment Holsters, the closest bond between a hand and a gun.

Every holster we make is hand-crafted, made-to-fit your gun from the highest quality materials by our employees in Florida. That means when you get your holster you can rest assured knowing that you’ll enjoy a concealed, comfortable experience. It’ll fit—standing, sitting or moving and will be accessible in the event you ever need to draw your weapon. All SmartCarry holsters come with an adjustable strap, giving you a snug, comfortable fit.