Why conceal Carry

Concealed carry? In South Africa, violent crime is prevalent, forcing us to conceal carry to protect ourselves and our families. Crime is so familiar to us that our society has adapted by more members learning how to defend ourselves from the criminal elements within using guns, knives and other weapons.

Always remember, your greatest asset in your situational awareness. The time and place of an attack will never be your choice. The sooner you identify a threat, the more time you have to respond. I feel strongly that most attackers avoid an attack on a seemingly alert victims thereby avoiding any need to respond. Win win.

Concealed carry – concealing from attackers? Concealing firearms to even a discerning eye offers us the advantage of surprise. In a conflict situation the intended victims greatest asset is the element of surprise. Combining surprise with the greatest force multiplier available, a firearm provides us the best chance at surviving an attack. An attacker will almost always asses and choose victims perceived as easy targets. An intended victim that successfully conceals a firearm from the attacker maintains a distinct advantage.

Concealed carry – concealing @ home & work? It is important to have your firearm close at hand, ALWAYS. It is important that your holster provides a platform to carry your firearm no matter what you wear because you won’t choose the time nor place of an attack. SmartCarry holsters are supported on their own elasticised belt providing you the most versatile carry option for your firearm.

Concealed carry – concealing from joe public? In today’s troubled age, the only people that the public are happy to see carrying weapons are law enforcement officers (and even that’s a little scary for the SA public).