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I needed a solution to allow me to carry a full size 4″ 357 revolver, I found the IWB holster in my possession uncomfortable.  I began to look for a carry solution for a large handgun that would meet my requirement. I work in a warm climate wearing trousers and tucked in shirt, at home I prefer shorts and a t-shirt which presents a problem when concealing more than 1kg worth of firepower. I have an 8 year old daughter, I need to interact with in the evening and did not like the idea of disarming at home in JHB. A gun in the safe is not necessarily available to you in a home invasion. I believe in keeping my firearm close at hand.

After careful consideration, I outlined the below priority list:

  • Secure my weapon effectively
  • Comfort
  • Allow me to carry at home, summer and winter, CONCEALED
  • Allow me to carry at work, summer and winter, CONCEALED

Extensive research lead me to the SmartCarry holster which met and exceeded my requirement. The holster not only secures and conceals the weapon effectively, but further is likely to conceal the weapon in all but the most extensive of body searches. I now can conceal my weapon whether wearing a business suite or a pair of baggies while mowing the lawn. I find the holster suites my active lifestyle allowing comfortable carry in most activities.

I was so impressed that I decided the product needed to be made more readily available to South Africa’s firearm community. Conceal Carry was born and SmartCarry is now available right here in SA, to order directly from our website or retail partners

I invite all local SmartCarry owners to email your review to I will ensure these are posted as I am sure this will benefit the community as a whole.

Kind Regards
Conceal Carry
South Africa


Hey Roger

Just to let you know, I have been using the SmartCarry permanently since you were at our offices. I must say I am extremely impressed. I never thought carrying can be so discreet and comfortable. I even gave it the ultimate test, took it with on a 50 kilometre road cycling, this impressed me even more, no pinching, no chafing and it stays in place. This weekend I am taking it on a 30 km offroad trail 🙂 Will let you know what happens on uneven terrain. For durability the way I use it and the extended times I carry will really test it. So far it is the best money spent.
Please feel free to post my reference on your website. After this weekend I am sure I will introduce it to my friends, family and combat friends. I am sure some of them will be just as impressed as I am.
Regards from a happy customer.

Reviews: Happy International Customers


SmartCarry have had satisfied customers have speak out as to why they are happy with their SmartCarry gun holster purchases. View comments below.

“Charlie, I saw your product at a gun show in Lakeland on August 4, and then I was skeptical of the smart carry. Well, I ordered one about a week later. You were right, it is the only concealable holster that you can wear anything with and still carry your full-size handgun. I carry a Glock 17 and a Beretta 96, both which are full-size handguns and I am able to move freely and comfortably. I even wore the smart carry to work for 10 hours and was impressed how comfortable it was. I have recommended the smart carry to my friends who carry and I am even considering buying one for my wife. Nobody can even tell that I am carrying. I am a very skinny guy about 5’11”, 150 lbs and I used to carry my gun in a inside-the-pants holster, what a bunch of crap. It always used to fall out and it was very noticeable when you are in public, then I started to carry a waist pack with the firearm pouch, that got to be too inconvenient. Thanks for the great product. “

T. D. – Riverview, FL

“Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I currently carry a Smith & Wesson 4006 TSW with combat grips. I’ve worn it practically everywhere, including to a wedding where it was perfectly concealed in my tuxedo. A few weeks ago, I appeared at a hearing in federal court in Massachusetts (I’m an attorney, not a defendant). The court’s procedure requires me to announce that I am carrying and proceed to an area where I can be supervised while I check my weapon. The U.S. Marshalls could not believe that I carried a full-size automatic in a suit without printing. (Webmaster’s note: The message above was typed in the message area of our encrypted secure order form by a SmartCarry® user who purchased another holster for a different firearm. D. B. has been carrying in a SmartCarry® cc holster for quite some time, so he speaks from experience!) “

D. B. – Longmeadow, MA

“Charlie, I’ve recently bought one of your holsters and after wearing it around for a couple weeks to get used to it I thought I would really put it to the test. Here it is: As a 35 yr. old 3rd Degree Black Belt, I teach a Cardio-Kickboxing (Tae-Bo) class at our Martial Arts schools on the side. Cardio-Kickboxing is basically an Aerobics class with a lot of jumping, punching, and kicking to loud music. All I wear during the class is a pair of elastic gym shorts and a tank top. I put my Taurus Model 85 .38 special 2″barrel snub-nose stainless steel revolver (27 oz.) in my Smartcarry holster and proceeded to begin class. It never obstructed or hindered my movement in any way!! I’m talkin’ taekwondo kicks as high as your head, full split stretches on the floor, etc.!! After class, I showed my Instructor (8th Degree Black Belt and daily carrier himself) what I had done by walking off the do-jang floor and pulling the firearm out of my shorts! He was blown away and also some more of my Black Belt buddies who happened to be there. The best thing is that none of the 25 ladies taking my class had any idea I was packing. Because it’s so comfortable I’m now carrying much more often than ever before. Thanks for a great product. Sincerely, “

B. C., Kum Sung Martial Arts, LaVergne, TN

” To The Makers Of SmartCarry Security Holster, Never have I been so impressed with a product that I went to the trouble of writing (typing) a letter. I have tried many holsters, and none compares to the SmartCarry. I had finally found two that were small enough, and easy enough to wear that I thought I was finished with my search. Then I decided to try the SmartCarry Security Holster. Unbelievable! I have never seen such a small holster that hides so well and draws so clean, it’s flawless. I can now carry BOTH my Smith & Wesson .38 special AND my KelTec P40 together, right in front of me, no matter what the occasion. I am even thinking about getting another SmartCarry (in white) just for the gym. Really, an incredible product, thanks. This is the best there is. “

Pxxxxxx X. Sxxxxx – Sanford, FL, System Administrator,, WebServices, V: (***) ***-****, xxxxxxx!

“I’ve used one of your holsters for two years and I love it. I carry concealed every day at work (T-shirt and jeans) and your holster is by far the most concealable and comfortable I’ve ever used. I’m having to replace mine now because the muzzle end of the slide is wearing a hole in the denim since I wear it so much. I tell all my friends that have concealed carry permits about your holsters. At least one has ordered a SmartCarry holster and likes it. I’m always surprised when I read an article in a major gun magazine about concealed carry methods and I’ve never seen your holster mentioned. That is a shame since your product is without a doubt a superior method to conceal a handgun than anything mentioned in the articles. (Webmaster’s note: K. just placed and order with us for a replacement for the SmartCarry® he purchased in November of 1999 and put his comments in the message section of the secure order form on our website. We’ve often wondered why no one except a writer here in Florida who carries in a SmartCarry®, and a lady who posted a review years ago on rec.guns on the Internet, has ever given us a review. But as long as our customers keep giving us great reviews, that’s what really counts!) Thank you. “

K. M. – Colorado Springs, CO

“Hey! The ultimate skeptic has now spoken! I am the one who kept asking for all the negative feedback thinking nothing could be that perfect. Well, I was wrong! I put on my holster, holstered my gun just like I would carry in public and walked up to my mother and said, “Well, what do you think?” After looking at me from head to toe her response was, “About what?” I told her I was carrying concealed and raised my shirt to show her and her eyes got as big as golfballs! I told my dad I had something to show him. I did the same thing and he had no clue, and I even saw him look in the area the gun was! He never saw a thing! His eyes also got big when I raised my shirt and had my little .380 sitting there! Since I have a small torso, I don’t think I could carry a concealed weapon much bigger than my little Firestorm anywhere on my body, in any type of holster, so this one does the best it can given the small space my small torso allows. Great product bud!!!! One more thing Charlie……you shipped it on Monday, and it was waiting in my mailbox Wednesday morning! Great service!!! Florida to Louisiana in 3 days, I sure wish UPS could match that! “

B. H. – LaFayette, LA

“To the good people of SmartCarry, Thank you for such a simple, effective answer to the concealed weapon problem. Here in Florida, where common attire consists of shorts and a t-shirt, an effective and comfortable method for concealing a gun has eluded me for years. Ankle holsters are useless when wearing shorts, hip-bags are inappropriate in the business environment, and in-the-pant holsters still require some type of outer garment to drape over the belt. I’ve had SmartCarry for about two weeks now. I have worn it now with shorts and with pants, including denim jeans. I can truly say that my Taurus .45 is unnoticeable through my pants. If that weren’t enough, I can sit, stand, or bend without anything ‘catching’. I actually don’t feel the holster and gun after a few minutes in the morning after dressing. I forget that I’m wearing it throughout the day. ‘Taking a leak’, on the other hand has taken some getting used to. I have found the only way to do this is to go into a stall and ‘drop trou’ in order to temporarily reposition the holster. This is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that I now have. I have had a CCW for 8 years in Florida, but rarely carried because there was no one real solution that I could comfortably and consistently use. Now, with the SmartCarry, I have a single holster that I can use with all my clothes in any environment, and I have only the SmartCarry to drill drawing from concealment. It’s comfortable, it’s practical, and it works. Thank you again. (Webmaster note: We’ve e-mailed D. K. and advised him to re-read the instruction sheet that came with the holster and to practice in the privacy of his bathroom. Charlie carries a full size 1911 and has never had to go into a stall to urinate! It can be done, quite easily, with one hand only, but, like the instructions say, it does take a few “practice” runs to get it down pat!) “

D. K. – Sunrise, FL

“I have had my “SmartCarry” for all of three months now. I am a heavy equipment salesman. I drive 600-800 miles a week. I am in and out of my vehicle (lots!), up and down looking and running equipment, etc.,. I dress casual, so I don’t wear a coat or suit to cover other types of holsters. I started with a IWB and had too much of a “printing” problem with most tighter clothes. In February my wife and I went to your GREAT reciprocity state of Fla. Did Walt Disney World, Sea World and Cypress Gardens, and I carried everywhere, (that I could legally). I have a Taurus PT-140. Being from the northern states, and LOVING to be away from the snow it was T-Shirts (tucked in) everyday! Never had a problem, anywhere! Only ONE complaint: Have you ever been walking into a store and have that “I forgot something” feeling and reach back and feel your back pocket for your wallet? With this holster, I sometimes find myself wondering if I remembered my pistol! Thank You and KEEP SAFE!! “

S. H. – Iron River, MI

“Hi, My 4th SmartCarry arrived 2 days ago. This one was for my Beretta 92 FS. Like I told you before I’m very skinny for a 41 year old. The SmartCarry you made for my Beretta 92 fits like a glove. Also, the gun is fairly heavy, but with the placement of the SmartCarry I can hardly feel it. I’ve used a holster with my Model 92, and it just kills my hips, but the SmartCarry somehow takes the weight off the pistol. As far as concealing, with dress/suit pants, it can’t be seen. With jeans, tight jeans on a skinny guy mind you, I would need to wear a shirt to cover the top. Readers keep this in mind, the Beretta 92 FS is about 8″ overall, so it’s a big pistol, and I only weigh 130 LBS. I NEVER would have thought ANYTHING would conceal it as great as the SmartCarry. I just can’t mention the fact enough, that for a skinny person, it was impossible to find a comfortable holster, UNTIL the SmartCarry came along. Anyway, Charlie Thanks Once Again for making such an excellent product. It IS the Best on the market!! “

J. S. – Chicago, IL

“I ordered your product a few months back and wanted to give it a reasonable evaluation period before I commented. As a matter of fact, this is the first endorsement of any kind that I’ve ever offered. First, the delivery time after ordering was very fast. In the rig, I carry a 2 ½” S&W Mod. 19. This is not a small weapon and I am not a big man but it remains well concealed. I replaced the Pachmyr grips with the original skinny wood grips and now my wife doesn’t know when I’m carrying. It’s very comfortable and accessible. As a corollary to the first rule of a gunfight, “Have a Gun”, I offer the second rule; “Be Able to Get to it!! ” This concealment rig fits the bill. Quite often, I forget I’m wearing it. I wish I had this when I was working undercover narcotics back in the late 60’s. Great product!!! “

R. M. – Wyoming


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